Casino game roulette rules, what should be known first?

When players consider playing roulette, it should be known that this is a game of sheer chance. There are quite a few variations of this game that have different table and wheel layouts as well as different house edges. Considering online roulette rules, it is important to mention that there is a rule of La portage in French roulette when chances bets will be split in half if zero appears on the wheel, so it gives an additional advantage to the player.

There are three roulette types:

  1. American;
  2. European;
  3. French.

Therefore, when starting to play roulette, by taking into account casino game roulette rules players must be aware of house edge and slight rules differences. It will not allow winning more but will make sure that the player is not going to be in a bizarre situation or mock the bet up, where it should not take place by any means.

Basic roulette rules, tips, and how the game can be won?

One of the most important tips of learning casino game roulette rules is to remember the payouts and odds of each bet that can be made. Alternatively, players must have the handout next to them. It includes:

  • Any single number bet offers the payout 35-1 with the odd 2.70%;
  • Any 2 numbers offer the payout 17-1with the odds 5.4%;
  • Any 3 numbers offer the payout 11-1 with the odds 8.1%;
  • Any 4 numbers offer the payout 8-1with the odds 10.8%;
  • Any 5 numbers offer the payout 6-1with the odds 13.5%;
  • Any 6 numbers offer the payout 5-1 with the odds 16.2%;
  • Column offers the payout 2-1 with the odds 32.40%;
  • Dozen offers the payout 2-1 with the odds 32.40%;
  • Red/black offers the payout of 1-1 with the odds 48.60%;
  • Even/dozen offers the payout 1-1 with the odds 48.60%;
  • Low/high offers the payout 1-1with the odds 48.60%.

He above-stated casino roulette rules assume wise use of viable strategies. That includes positive progression – Paroli, negative progression – Martingale, negative progression – Labouchere, and Fibonacci – simple doubling system. By using one of those methods beating roulette is possible but those approaches are ideal for playing chances. For the other bets, using Labouchere, which assumes waiting for the sequence of come out to appear first, and using negative progression afterward is probably the best way to beat the casino.

Rules of playing roulette in Canada and the safest bets

The rules of playing roulette in Canada are exactly the same as though the game is played anywhere else. It depends on the type of roulette the player chooses. However, the most popular one for gambling is American roulette, in which casino game roulette rules assume double zero on the wheel. It has the lowest house edge but still the most popular.

It is believed that the safest bets that players can make are to play on chances with the use of Labouchere strategy. If the player waits for the sequence of 3-5 turns before making the bets and then starts to double for another 3-5 turns to recover the loss and fix profit, there are an average 6-10 turns that play into the gambler’s favor. Betting on chances is rarely repeated for that long (if things go wrong), so within the boundaries of casino game roulette rules any individual has plenty of room for constantly fixing the profits.

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