Casino roulette strategy: make wise moves in order to win

One of the phenomenal games in the gambling world is truly the roulette game. It is incredibly famous in the gaming circles as much as it is well-known by the non-gambling population. Because of its wide application in various Hollywood movies or shows, roulette became a part of the culture and is associated with fame, richness, and success.

Every gamer knows how this game works. First of all, it is a game of luck and chance. This makes the game exciting and fun to play. However, everyone wants to win so a lot of various tips and strategies were made up by generations of players.

Roulette has quite a unique gameplay that differs it from any other game in the casino and attracts a lot of attention from gamers.

Game characteristics

This game uses two gaming attributes – a table and a wheel. The table and the wheel are placed right near each other and both have special layouts. The wheel is divided into sections like pieces of a pie. The table in its turn is marked with special places for making bets and gamers put virtual chips on these marked locations. A virtual ball is located on the wheel and rolled. A place where it will finally land will decide for the winner since participants put wages on the characteristics of that place. There are plenty of strategies on how to make a successful bet and there is even a live casino roulette strategy for games where the croupier is a real professional watched on a stream.

The following characteristics belong to the game:

  • 36 red and black cells with figures are crafted on a gaming wheel;
  • there will be definitely a certain quantity of green zeros and it depends on the roulette edition;
  • usually, cells are even for black and odd for red;
  • the roulette edition and the quantity of zeros also dictate a house edge of a particular game – from 1.35% to more than 7%.

The game has three major versions that are European with the RTP of 97.30%, American with the RTP of 94.74%, and French with the RTP of 97.30%. They also differ in some of the gaming rules and bet options. Any version should be strictly accessed at a reputable licensed casino in order to provide a perfect and especially, safe time playing.

How to decide on the best online casino roulette strategy

Generations of roulette gamers created a lot of strategies and methods for reaching a successful result in this wonderful game. While no strategy offers a hundred percent winning that is totally impossible in this game, there are well-known methods that some gamers love and consider working:

  1. the Martingale method dictates the gamer how to make wagers according to results he receives; the idea behind the method is that a successful result will finally happen; it dictates to increase a bet twice every time the gamer suffers a loss and when a winning roll eventually happens, it will cover the whole loss;
  2. the reverse Martingale dictates the gamer to make a twice bigger bet in case of a successful roll;
  3. the D’Alembert casino roulette strategy dictates the gamer to bet on even money that includes bets on red/black, half to 18 and half from 19, and odd vs even; the step of changing a wager is just one coin or a chip. In case of success, the wager should give up a coin while in case of failure, the wager should receive a coin;
  4. the Paroli method dictates the gamer to increase a bet twice in case of a successful roll; if there are 3 successful results in a row, the gamer should repeat the sequence.

There are also other methods that dictate the gamer how to put his wager. They decide either the amount of the bet or the sequence.

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