How to win at Roulette more, than lose

If there is a truly amazing entertainment at a modern online casino with firework of emotions, it is Roulette. This game is chosen by both new online casino users and experienced players who know how to win at Roulette. Roulette is an incredibly bright and dynamic competition with original attributes. Just look at this bright green gaming table! And how can you not love the magic wheel, which each new spin seems to decide your fate?!

Guide for novice Roulette gamers

So, if you decide to become a player in the most luxurious entertainment – Roulette, then it would be a good start to learn the rules of how to win at Roulette. In this game, they are quite simple. A player makes a deposit on the casino’s website, determines the size of the bet and starts playing. To do this, user puts chips on one of the Roulette table zones.

Depending on what sector you put gaming chips, your payout will be. So, the most popular zones are traditionally considered to be external bets on red-black, even-odd, and so on. But the payout in this case will be only 1 to 1. The biggest reward in Roulette will fall into the hands of a participant who puts on a particular number and guesses it. In this case, the payout will be 1 to 35!

Who decides what number will win in a round? This is done by a dealer who spins a ball on a wheel with 36 numbers and a Zero sector. There are types of Roulette where 2 Zeros are represented on the wheel at once. For example, American Roulette game.

Before you start a play round, take a few steps to know how to win at Roulette:

  • Select a licensed site with the Roulette game;
  • Find a Demo game option there and run Roulette in the test format first;
  • Try different types of bet during the Demo round to learn how to win at Roulette;
  • Remember what payouts are given by different zones on the game table;
  • As soon as you understand the gameplay and learn how to win, turn to a real money mode.

Today, virtual Roulette is available at any casino site around the world. The most popular types are American, French, and European versions. Choose any type of Roulette, learn how to win Roulette every time and start the competition in a paid or test format.

Ways to beat online casinos at Roulette

What could be more enjoyable than winning an online casino! Especially if we are talking about a fairly easy-to-understand game – Roulette. To win this competition, you only need to know the features of gameplay and choose the best strategy.

Today in virtual Roulette most often players use these types of strategies:

  1. Martingale. The idea of the system is simple – after each loss, we double the bet and if we win, immediately beat off all previous losses;
  2. 10 Numbers. Here the player needs to close 10 numbers with bets. The system of how to win money on Roulette does not exactly change the casino’s advantage, but such a round definitely becomes more interesting and a large number of players worldwide use this strategy;
  3. D’alembert. According to this method of playing Roulette, if you lose, the bet increases by a certain number of units, which set in advance;
  4. Ascot. On this strategy, the winning bid is increased on one point, and the losing bids are moved back a step in accordance with the progression. The sequence here can be from seven to eleven numbers.

These are the most popular gaming strategies, and it is hard to imagine how many ways there are to win Roulette in a casino for now. So, be patient and find your way to one day break the bankroll in Roulette!

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