Online roulette Canada game simulator

Roulette is less popular than blackjack, but it is regularly called the “queen” of a casino. Those, who never played this simple game, will not find the reason for its fame. Meanwhile, if you tried it at least once, you will understand that it is extremely difficult to stop: you start feeling that you need to see the wheel rotation again and again, waiting for the magic ball “landing” on the number you made a bet on.

Online roulette Canada

Thousands of gamblers lose millions making bets on roulette numbers: they simply do not know the winning strategy. If you do not want to be among these guys and wish to understand how to win often, try online roulette Canada for free. You will finally work out your own betting system.

Online roulette Canada wheel simulator

Start playing using any free online roulette wheel simulator. There are special sites devoted exactly to this game (for example, the Roulette Simulator site). They even do not show the wheel itself (finally, the bets mean much here), but the field with roulette numbers. Training, you can make the following steps:

  • Bet on any single number or several numbers;
  • Pick odd or even numbers;
  • Choose the first 12;
  • Choose 2nd 12 or the 3rd 12 (1-18 or 19-36) ;
  • Hold or re-bet;
  • Double the stake when betting using online roulette Canada simulator, etc.;
  • When the choice is made, simply click the “Spin” button.

You can lose or win — no money is involved in the game here, so you can concentrate only on the winning probability and the strategy. Moreover, you can also try Martingale, Paroli and other popular systems that are supposed to help a gambler to win more.

Winning and betting tips

If you bet on a single number and the ball chooses it, you will win the maximum possible sum, which size will depend on the stake. Naturally, lucky guys exist, and even a newcomer can leave a casino with thousands of dollars on his account. Meanwhile, it is too risky to bet on 1 number. The chances to become a winner are higher if you bat of red or black, odd or even numbers. The payouts will be very modest, but this strategy will reduce the possibility to feel like a loser.

Therefore, consider the following pieces of advice:

  1. Practice for free before you start to play roulette online game for money. Here, you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer. Watch a few rounds first when you are browsing a table on the Internet.
  2. Take into account different rules. Roulette in Canada is played according to French, European or American that are very similar to each other. Make sure you know how the rules work. If you are going to play roulette, choose to play at a table that uses the rules of European roulette. The chances of winning with American Roulette are very small.
  3. Reduce losses from the start. To ensure that you can win at all, it is important to limit your loss as much as possible. So don’t put all your money in one place — spread your chances.

Besides, try different strategies for free — the information about them can be found on internet, at the sites, devoted to the games of chance.

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